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Michael Temple, Birkbeck
Nineteenth and twentieth century French culture; theory and history of French cinema; Jean-Luc Godard.

Claire Thomson (UCL) staff picture
Claire Thomson, UCL
Nordic cinemas; the role of the visual arts and literary genres in shaping and reflecting national identities in Scandinavian and Scottish culture.

Chris Townsend, RHUL
Artist’s use of lens-based media outside of dominant production; subjectivity of the spectator, participant and maker of art.

Ben Tyler mugshot
Ben Tyrer, King's
Film theory and film-philosophy; Modern critical theory and continental philosophy, especially psychoanalysis; Film noir; European cinema.

Pasi Valiaho photo
Pasi Valiaho, Goldsmiths
Early cinema and pre-cinema; film theory and philosophy; digital culture; media and technology.

Belen Vidal photo
Belen Vidal, King's
Period drama in Europe and heritage film debates; film adaptation and the biopic; contemporary Spanish cinema; cinephilia; gender and feminism.

Ginette Vincendeau photo
Ginette Vincendeau, King's
French cinema, especially popular genres and stars, European cinema, film history, national identity, trans-national cinema and women’s cinema.

Guy Westwell photo
Guy Westwell, Queen Mary
Contemporary Hollywood; cultural memory; the Vietnam war on film; film genre, especially the war film and the history film; iconic images and film; film and politics.
Catherine Wheatley profile picture
Catherine Wheatley, King's
Film and religion, (esp Christianity); film theory and philosophy; ethics and film; theories of spectatorship; animal studies; European cinema.
Rebekah Willett, IoE
Children, youth and media.

Profile picture James Williams, RHUL
James Williams, RHUL
Post-war French cinema, film theory and gender studies.

Nicole Wolf, Goldsmiths
Documentary mode and experimental film and video work with particular focus on South Asia; relation between film, art and the political; activist media.

picture of Mary Wood, Birkbeck
Mary Wood, Birkbeck
History of Italian cinema, contemporary European cinemas and the European film industry, Italian film noir.

Profile picture Sarah Wright, RHUL
Sarah Wright, RHUL
Contemporary Spanish theatre and film.

Profile picture Maria Wyke, UCL
Maria Wyke, UCL
Ancient Rome in cinema; cinema and history.
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