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Lawrence Napper mugshot
Lawrence Napper, King's
British Cinema and Cinemagoing, Silent Cinema, Musicals, Film/Theatre/Literature Adaptations, 'The Middlebrow', London on film, British Popular Culture before 1960, WW1 on film.

Geoffrey Nowell-Smith mugshot
Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, Queen Mary
The history of the British Film Institute. Most recent book: Making Waves: New Cinemas of the 1960s. Not normally able to accept new research students.

Shani Orgad (LSE) staff picture
Shani Orgad, LSE
Relationship between mediated public narrative and private/personal narratives (e.g. trauma, illness, suffering and gender); the changing nature of (new) media representations in a global context.

Dorota Ostrowska photo
Dorota Ostrowska, Birkbeck
Film festivals; Eastern European cinema and visual culture; history of television in Europe; French cinema and criticism; film production and film industry.

Anat Pick mugshot
Anat Pick, Queen Mary
Animals in film, ecocinema, and post-anthropocentric film theory. Nonfiction film, including documentary, the visual essay, and experimental film and video.

Michele Pierson, King's
Avant-garde and experimental film; the relation between film and new media; special effects; and media aesthetics.

John Potter, IoE
Digital video production, media literacy, learner agency and the uses of social software in teaching and learning.
Emma Sandon photo
Emma Sandon, Birkbeck
British colonial film history; British television history; ethnographic film and documentary; cinema and human rights.

Libby Saxton, Queen Mary
The interactions between film and continental thought, especially ethical philosophies; post-war French cinema; representations of the Holocaust and the Franco-Algerian War; memory, testimony and cinema.

Mark Shiel, King's
Cinema and the city, Italian neorealism, post-WWII American film, road movies, cinema and politics circa 1968, and critical theory.

Pauline Small mugshot
Pauline Small, Queen Mary
Italian and Hollywood cinema, including work on individual filmmakers and stardom.

Annabelle Sreberny, SOAS
Media and the Middle East, especially Iran; transnational news; media globalization, diasporic formations and the new geographic imagination; blogging, the Internet, democratization and repression.

Isolde Standish, SOAS
Japanese and Korean Cinema, World Cinema and Documentary in the age of digital reproduction.
Gareth Stanton, Goldsmiths
Histories of anthropology and the media, migration and diaspora, postcolonial criticism, literature and identity, 'third cinema' and the ethnography of the Maghreb.
staff profile Melvin Stokes, UCL
Melvyn Stokes, UCL
American cinema history; audiences; American genre cinema.
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