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Jaeho Kang mugshot
Jaeho Kang, SOAS
Critical theory, media theory, political communication, East Asian media and cultural studies.

Alasdair King in the landscape
Alasdair King, Queen Mary
Cinema and spatial theory, history of German cinema, and German cultural theory.

Annette Kuhn mugshot
Annette Kuhn, Queen Mary
Cultural memory (especially cinema and/or photography), photography as visual culture, cinema/cultural experience and psychoanalytic theory, and various film history topics.

Roland-François Lack, UCL
The French new wave; Godard; London and cinema; cinema and the city.
Barry Langford, RHUL
Critical theory; representations of the Holocaust; urban studies; postmodernism; post-classical Hollywood; and film genre, especially the western, science fiction and war films.

Kevin Latham, SOAS
Chinese media, newspapers, television, journalism, popular culture, Internet and telecommunications, theatre, anthropological knowledge, practice and performance.
Jacob Leigh, RHUL
Film aesthetics: style, narrative, and interpretation.

Esther Leslie, Birkbeck
History and theory of film animation; the Frankfurt School, critical theory and Marxist aesthetics; European modernism and avant-garde; Situationist theory and psychogeography; digital aesthetics.

Sonia Livinstone (LSE) staff picture
Sonia Livingstone, LSE
Audience interpretations of television; reception analysis of soap opera & talk shows; shift from audiences to users, publics & consumers in the age of interactivity.

Maria Loh photo
Maria Loh, UCL
Early modern Italian art; repetition and the double in art and film.

Xiaoning Lu photo
Xiaoning Lu, SOAS
Chinese cinemas; socialist film culture; film history and criticism; film stardom and critial theory.

Colin MacCabe, Birkbeck
Technology and aesthetics in post-WW2 European film and television; Jean-Luc Godard; British and Irish film; theories of language and representation.

Athena Mandis, Queen Mary
Documentary theory and practice; scriptwriting.
Victoria Mapplebeck profile picture
Victoria Mapplebeck, RHUL
Documentary film for cinema, TV, and web; media celebrities; documentary and new media, TV/online convergence

Stephen Marchant, RHUL
Film history, films giving form to events, 1940s Hollywood, and modern cinema in Europe (Antonioni, Béla Tarr, Godard, Rivette, Tarkovsky, Rossellini)

Dolores Martinez, SOAS
Japanese Popular Culture, the relationship between Kurosawa and Western filmmakers, the Other in horror and science fiction films; the role of narrative in constructing social reality.
Jann Matlock , UCL
Film theory; cultural history; film noir; French cinema.
Janet McCabe picture
Janet McCabe, Birkbeck
Contemporary television and TV fiction exchange; gender politics and feminism; cultural memory, the representation of history and politics in television drama; early cinema (particularly German) and film theory.
Mandy Merck, RHUL
Gender, sexuality, and national identity in Anglo-American media.
Rachel Moore, Goldsmiths
Early film history and theory; the historical and contemporary avantgarde; The relationship of these to modern society via theories of the College of Sociology and the Frankfurt School theories.
David Morley photo
David Morley, Goldsmiths
Audiences; media and home.
Laura Mulvey, Birkbeck
Film theory and psychoanalysis;technological change in film and television; avant-garde film and new media; women, film and modernity;melodrama and world cinema.
Ben Murtagh, SOAS
Indonesian, Malay and Singaporean film. Issues of gender and sexuality in film. South East Asian queer cinema.
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