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Rosalind Galt mugshot
Rosalind Galt, King's
World cinema post-1945; queer cinemas; film theory, especially issues of aesthetics and politics; comparative European cinemas; cultures of economic crisis.

Mathew Gandy , UCL
Cinematic landscapes: representations of landscape in the works of Werner Herzog & P.P. Pasolini; urban landscapes in the work of Michelangelo Antonioni.

Alison Gazzard, IoE
Digital games, digital preservation and cultural heritage, histories of digital technologies, archival research, digital media production, transmedia and small screen narratives.

Mark Glancy, Queen Mary
American and British cinema; the Hollywood studio system; Anglo-American film relations, Alfred Hitchcock.

Julian Graffy, UCL
Russian cinema: the works of Dziga Vertov; Soviet popular cinema; representations of foreigners in Russian film.

Lee Grieveson, UCL
Cinema history; media and political economy; censorship and regulation; non-theatrical cinema; colonial cinema; disciplinary histories.

Hannah Hamad mugshot
Hannah Hamad, King's
Postfeminism in popular film and television; cultural politics of contemporary Hollywood cinema; Hollywood stardom and contemporary celebrity culture; fatherhood in film.

Miriam Haddu, RHUL
Contemporary Mexican photography, cinema, and performance art; cultural studies, feminist film theory, postmodern geographies and conflict studies.
Janet Harbord, Queen Mary
Spatial relations of film and film culture; film circulation; cultural translation and transnational film; digital film as an allegorical form; inertia, speed and energies of film.
Sue Harris mugshot
Sue Harris, Queen Mary
French cinema and popular theatre.

Rachel Harrison mugshot
Rachel Harrison, SOAS
Cinema in South East Asia, particularly Cambodia and Thailand; post-1997 Thai Cinema; Thai cultural studies; genders and sexualities of South East Asia; Orientalism on film.

Stephen Hart, UCL
Latin American cinema; documentary film.

Jeremy Hicks Mugshot
Jeremy Hicks, Queen Mary
Russian, Ukrainian and Soviet film; documentary film and theory; Dziga Vertov; Soviet film during World War Two; Soviet representations of the Holocaust.
John Hil mugshot
John Hill, RHUL
British and Irish film history; film policy; the politics of film and television drama; and the study of national cinemas.
Mark Hobart, SOAS
South East Asian Screen Studies, Ethnographic approaches to media production, reception and use; theoretical critique of media studies.
Philip Horne, UCL
American and British cinema history.
Stephen Putnam Hughes, SOAS
Historical ethnography of early film, audiences and exhibition in Tamil south India, cinema sound, music performance and gramophones in south India, visual anthropology and ethnographic film.
Matthew Jones mugshot
Matthew Jones, UCL
Contemporary and historical audiences; British and American popular cinema; film and TV genres, particularly science fiction; Cold War culture; national identity on screen.

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